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Maryland Thermoform Corporation Announces New Product Line

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Maryland Thermoform Corporation Announces New Product Line

Maryland Thermoform Announces Got a Have Point of Purchase Counter Dispenser

Baltimore, MD July 31, 2011 — Maryland Thermoform News Press Release.

Maryland Thermoform announced the launch of its inexpensive and easy to use Got-A-Have POP Counter Dispenser line.

This product line will offer the first real effort by any display manufacturer of making a sustainable, environmentally friendly displays with final disposal and consumer requirement for attractive packaging in mind. Tammy Sagastume, Manager quickly followed with, “There are no metal staples, hangers, or other components that can be seen as contaminants in the recycling stream.”

The first GOT-A-HAVE POP counter dispenser product is a two piece, low cost, customizable . It stores compactly until ready for final assembly and filling. It can be purchased as two unassembled components for the buyer with contract packaging abilities or to contract packagers making it an economical solution for your product needs.

, Marketing Manager for Maryland Thermoform said, “Before this , a sustainable environmentally friendly display was not only unattractive, it was ugly. It also didn’t sell anyone on the product it was supposed to support.”

GOT-A-HAVE dispensers allow for customization with 4-color printed paperboard face in any number of shape and size configurations. The clear allows for 270 degree viewing of product without opening the container. To open, simply pull the perforated tab from the cardstock face. This copywrited innovative design is made from materials that are easily recycled.

Other GOT-A-HAVE POP dispenser products are in development and will be available for fourth quarter 2011.

For more detailed product and price information contact Tammy Sagastume, New Business Development, Corporation at .


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