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MDMFG COOP Announces Status Update

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MDMFG COOP Announces Status Update

MDMFG COOP Announces Status Update Concerning Itself And Parent Organization MDMFG.org

, The MDMFG COOP has solicited several entities and manufacturers to develop products for them. The ability of the COOP to act as a large vertically integrated company closely resembles a large contract manufacturer of 500+ employees.

Utilizing the subject matter expertise and industry diversity of multiple sales teams as well as a very broad customer base, the COOP offers services in several industries including , unmanned and autonomous vehicles, electronics, such as cosmetics, , and a gamut of custom products for a kaleidoscope of industries and markets.

MDMFG COOP expects multiple large contract awards in several industries during the next 12 months.

MDMFG COOP was a natural outgrowth of collaboration between several forward-thinking manufacturers leads by industry visionaries. These manufacturers were working closely together as traditionally tiered subcontractors of each other. The COOP was a structured formalization of a collection of manufacturers focused on supply chain risk mitigation (SCRM).

The MDMFG COOP is actively seeking a precision sheet metal fabrication manufacturer and an electronics manufacturer.

To be considered each manufacturer must:

Be ISO 9000 registered and an advocate/practitioner of industry “best practices.

Have their primary manufacturing facility located in Maryland?

Be lead by forward-thinking visionaries that understand and embrace collaboration.

Employee their workforce as W-2 team members.

Team oriented and team friendly.

Not be a direct competitor of the existing MDMFG COOP manufacturers.

Be an active member of MDMFG.org.


MDMFG COOP is comprised of five strong small and medium-sized manufacturers including Maryland Thermoform, Land Sea Air Manufacturing, DWE Plastics, Control Cable and NRL & Associates. These manufacturers combined form the hub of the supply chain for companies seeking a contract manufacturer. Their business model is to increase customer value by decreasing supply chain risk while also decreasing landed cost to the COOP’s customers. MDMFG COOP is a force multiplier for both customers of the COOP and member manufacturers.

About MDMFG.org

MDMFG.org is the only manufacturer’s organization in-country lead entirely and exclusively by manufacturers. The core value at MDMFG.org is the fact that manufacturers speak for themselves in all matters. MDMFG.org is an all-volunteer politically agnostic organization focused on improving the working environment and business climate in Maryland for manufacturers.

To learn more about MDMFG.org and the MDMFG COOP please visit our website at MDMFG.org

Media Contact

Company Name: Maryland Thermoform Corporation

Contact Person: Tammy Sagastume

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (410) 947-5063 x112

Country: United States

Maryland Thermoform Website: http://mdthermo.com

MDMFG http://mdthermo.com/coop.html

MDMFG COOP Announces Status Update

MDMFG COOP Announces Status Update
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MDMFG COOP Announces Status Update
MDMFG COOP Announces Status Update Concerning Itself And Parent Organization MDMFG.org
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