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Maryland Thermoform

Maryland Thermoform

Thermoforming at Maryland Thermoform


process begins with plastic material (roll stock or sheet) being transported into an oven for heating to a specific forming temperature.

The hot sheet is then indexed into a form station where a mating mold and pressure-box close on the sheet; trapped air is removed. The sheet containing the formed parts is then indexed into a trim station on the same machine or separate punch press where the formed parts are trimmed.  The sheet web remaining after the formed parts are trimmed is typically wound onto a take-up reel or fed into an inline granulator for recycling.

Maryland Thermoform recycles its scrap and waste plastic, either by selling it to reprocessing companies or re-use in their own facility. Frequently, plastic scrap and waste generated during the thermoforming process is converted back into extruded material for future forming products.


Maryland Thermoform highest rated and award winning light gauge thermoformed products are in the manufacture of blister product packaging, clamshell packaging, storage containers, covers, trays, along with many other custom items utilized in the food, healthcare, and general retail store market sectors.

They also offer other diverse heavy gauge thermoformed parts & components to various markets such as defense, unmanned vehicle components, industrial handling, electronic components, aviation interiors,  utility vehicles and more.


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