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Choosing the right supplier for Light and Heavy Gauge Thermoform packaging, parts & components (blister packaging, clamshell plastic packaging, pharmaceutical blister packaging, and industrial thermoforming means more than just finding the lowest price. Consider the following when selecting a plastic thermoformer.

• The right supplier has audited systems and procedures in place. Maryland Thermoform is ISO 9001:2008, Registered with Design. Our process is audited annually and the management team meets monthly to provide continuous process improvement throughout the company.

• The right supplier should be vertically integrated and able to provide quality in-house design, tooling, prototyping, production, and assembly of your product. Maryland Thermoform can do all of this or at your choosing just design and build an individual component. It’s your choice.

• The right supplier should provide custom tailored product delivery to meet your individual requirements. Maryland Thermoform has set up, “Just in Time” systems, supplier owned and managed systems, and other time sensitive delivery schedules based on your supplied forecasts and demand requirements

• The right supplier should possess good – Does the supplier have sufficient lines of credit to purchase needed for your project? It’s very possible that this scenario hasn’t been taken this into consideration. However, many suppliers have been crippled by it and your project could be delayed or even at risk of failure to deliver. Throughout, Maryland Thermoform Corporation continues to maintain great relationships with all of our raw material suppliers.

• The right supplier should have a safe, clean, climate controlled facility. Visit the prospective supplier. First look at the building and the surrounding grounds; are they poorly kept? If so, how will they make and keep your product and tooling? Observe the automobiles in the parking lot. Old cars and no cars mean poorly paid employees and this usually means people who do not care about where they work or what they do. Finally request a tour of the facility. How clean is it? How hot or cold is it? Examine the equipment – is it old or new? Is the facility busy? Maryland Thermoform strives to maintain good manufacturing practices beginning with a safe, clean, climate controlled environment that promotes happy healthy employees.

Successfully completing your project is only the beginning. We work closely with you to build a strong personal relationship through interaction at all levels of our company. From concept to completion Maryland Thermoform Corporation is dedicated to your satisfaction. We believe that your complete satisfaction is our success.

Maryland Thermoform has been a single source solution provider of light and heavy gauge thermoformed plastic packaging & products for more than 37 years. Our packaging & products are utilized in the Cosmetics, Personal Care, Medical, Food, Industrial, OEM and Defense industries. We offer “One Stop Plastic Source” solutions for your most demanding requirements and take pride in our on-time delivery.

Our core capabilities are in thermoforming with vertical integration from concept to production. This is supported our in-house Prototype Shop, CNC Machining Center, Die Shop, and multiple Heavy and Light Gauge Production Lines. In addition, MTC offers Secondary Operations such as 5-Axis CNC Routing, drilling, sonic welding, gluing, rotary heat-sealing, contract manufacturing & packaging.

For more information on Maryland Thermoform Corporation, please contact us at: 410-947-5063

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