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Garra embalagens perfeito forma para exibir produtos

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Clamshell Packaging Perfect Way to Display Products

Perfect Way to Display Products

embalagem clamshell one of our most popular forms of packaging for products. embalagem clamshell, a creates an area around the product much like a clamshell while keeping visibility and maintaining the product securely in place. Much like the large sea mollusk with two hinged shells of equal size, the stock clamshell package utilizes the same design and has one or more hinges to make the products easily packaged as well as accessible to the consumer.

This method is regaining more and more popularity all over the world.

There are numerous stock clamshell packages that will help you to take your product into the marketplace faster and at less expense. is a great option to a new company that does not have a large quantity of merchandise to package. Stock clamshell packaging reduces the overall distribution costs of your products. In these economically trying times, this comes in handy to helps you withstand the competition. There are more and more businesses taking advantage of this system and becoming more cost effective over time.

Garra embalagens perfeito forma para exibir produtos
Garra embalagens perfeito forma para exibir produtos

Stock clamshell packaging can be customized to suit your needs. is ready to design and produce stock clamshell packaging according to your requirements. embalagem clamshell can be designed in a bi-fold manner that can either hang on a hook or stand on a display. embalagem clamshell is ideal for , toys and other accessories.

For heavier products, stock clamshell packaging is available with more robust materials and locking features. You can make your stock clamshell packaging unique by creating its shape complimentary to the graphics packaged with your product, or the actual shape of the product itself. This improves the overall look and feel of the product while providing an inexpensive and secure display.

Stock clamshell packaging is quite sturdy. With this type of packaging you can rest assured that your product will be able to bear the brunt of the shipping process and reach the shelves of the retailer in its original pristine condition. This will provide a cleaner display of your product to entice and attract the customers, while still providing a safe, secure, efficient and cost effective use of embalagens.

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