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Termoformagem personalizada

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Custom Thermoforming

Offers the Best Packaging for Your Products., Custom thermoforming is a process where plastic sheet is heated and shaped to a custom designed mold using vacuum and pressure assistance. Depois disso, the process of custom thermoforming involves the molded plastic parts being cut, aparado e montadas em embalagem concebida especificamente para suas necessidades.

Termoformagem personalizada is becoming one of the most cost effective and attractive way of packaging products. Our custom thermoforming techniques are changing daily basis to provide more unique and diverse packaging solutions.Custom Thermoforming

We can produce custom thermoforming products for literally every item and budget. Termoformagem can be done to hold, display or ship any product, including those such as consumer durables, pharmaceutical / medical products and items for the industrial market.

One of the more popular items produced by custom thermoforming is clamshell packaging. The package opens and closes like a clamshell which snaps shut to provide for a secure manner in which to ship from the manufacturer to the end user.

When you opt for custom thermoforming packaging, you are opting for a cost effective manner in which to protect and ship your products.

Although you cannot print on the thermoforming clamshell packaging, you can put graphics cards with your company logo and information about your product in an eye-catching and attractive manner.

Besides this, there are an immense amount of options for graphic design when going in for custom thermoforming and custom packaging. With termoformagem personalizado, you can select a standard clamshell shape or you can go for a more unique custom clamshell package to make your product stand above the rest.

IF you are thinking of termoformagem personalizado packaging for your products, a wide variety of plastic material is used, tal como, PVC (poly vinyl chloride), HIPS (high impact polystyrene), APET (amorphous polyethylene teraphthalate), RPET (recycled polyethylene teraphthalate), HDPE (high density polyethylene), and PP (Polypropylene), etc. Maryland Thermoform Engineers will recommend the best materials suited for your termoformagem personalizado clamshell package.

Maryland Thermoform provides the highest quality in termoformagem personalizado for your packaging needs and we look forward to working together with your company to provide the best product on the market.

Termoformagem personalizada
marca: Termoformagem
Fabricante: Maryland Thermoform
Modelo: Termoformagem personalizada
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